About Us

Fudge'n Hell is a family business. It started back in October 2016 with a then 6 year old child (Taylor) who suffers from sensory processing disorder. He had this great idea that one day he wanted to make some fudge as he had seen it being made on you tube. The fudge was made with a lot of difficulty and then that darn child wouldn't touch it to even taste it. 

Taylor then decided that he missed me (his mummy -Nic) when I was going to markets to sell the kids clothing I use to make so he wanted to go to markets together and sell something we made together. This idea of fudge came about (Originally there was a lot of random ideas we wont mention!) 

Investigations were done and supplies bought... the business was beginning to take shape.

A friend was having a market end of November so the date was set to be ready by then. Name was needed and family decision was made on that one along with the tag line. 
Things were really taking shape. Kitchen was sorted, pots, pans, ingredients all set to go! 

The first market was a huge failure. Don't get me wrong the product was amazing but it was a rookie mistake.... I gave away too many samples! people tried the flavours and then said they would be back and forgot (or had stood there for ages picking flavours and trying them all). The feedback was amazing and I really thought I was doing well with packaging etc..... 
Came home that night and almost cried! 
Then I read an email..... It was from a lady who had tried some and didnt come back to buy... she had simply forgotten and she wanted to place an order! My head picked up and it just all took off from there! Facebook page started getting busier and people started to know about us! 
We went from 50 fans at launch to 1,000 fans within 3 months! WOW! I was stoked! 

Things really took off from there, We are regulars at the Masterton Drags and the courier is looking a little chubbier after all those parcels he picks up and the samples I give him but hes very happy! ;)