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Amazing!!! Recommend to all!!! Flavours are mindblowing!!
Best sugar fix ever!! The world is a better place with this fudge!!! It's not the traditional crumbly fudge it's more the soft fudge whatever flavour you choose you not be disappointed!! Thanks again! Xxx

Haidee Green


Ordered, received, scoffed! Seriously mega-deliciously good fudge!! Possibly addictive... :D :D

Pam Hutton


Hi!! I just wanted to pop by and say your fudge is amazing ? My parcel arrived today and I couldnt wait to get stuck in lol I choose, Coconut ice, goody gum drops, lolly cake and Lemon meringue. They were all delicious and taste just like their description! My favorite was lemon meringue, my mum loved it too. So creamy yet not sickly sweet which means you can have a more then one piece which is dangerous but oh so good ? ? I will be back! Thanks so much xx

Natalie Love


Hi! I just wanted to let you know that I am completely in love with your fudge. I've lost count of how many pieces I've consumed over the past few weeks and have also managed to get my parents hooked in it also. It is so beautifully smooth, and so flavoursome without being too overpowering - such a delicious pick me up when I've had a long day of being a busy mum and sometimes the one "meal" I get to scoff down before the baby wakes. The Neapolitan and the Raspberry chocolate flavours are TO DIE FOR. Thank you for making such an amazing product ❤️

Larissa Tuara